Indian Step
Indian step by Alien Ness .

Indian step, or two step, cross overs, cross step, front step, outlaw step, toprock pattern where one leg crosses in front of the other.


The Indian step was developed by Pow Wow and Sundance , who called them "cross overs"1. Pow Wow claims to have "used Indian styles" , while Que Rock specifies Native American fancy dance as the influence . Mr. Wiggles relates that the hip twist was the original Indian step while the modern Indian step was an evolution of the move . He also makes a distinction between the Indian step and outlaw step . Wizard Wiz recalls that in the late 1970s,

"you did that two-step, that jump.... I don't even know the name of it. It's just a habit, there was no name for it at the time. We just started off every session before we went down with that toprock kind of thing. Yeah, most B-Boys did that! [...] that's the way we all initiated our dancing! That two-step before we hit the floor!"

Crazy Legs can be seen doing the Indian step in footage of the 1981 Battle at Lincoln Center .


Basic variations involve different foot or hand placement.

Traveling Indian Step

Also battle rock. Indian step with lateral jumps between steps.


  1. This Indian step may refer to the hip twist, which is also occasionally referred to as the Indian step.