Six Step
Six step by Ken Swift .

Six step1, footwork pattern, sequence of a six steps taken around the arms. Sometimes considered the most fundamental move in breaking .


A six step was developed by Shorty Rock in the 1970s . The original six step used large steps, and was called "CC Footwork" or "CC Long," named after Shorty Rock's crew, the Crazy Commandos . Six steps would be performed in 1980s films such as Style Wars and Beat Street . The name "six step" likely arose in the 1990s , and was in use by 1998 . Fabel developed the name and concept for pedagogical purposes, using them in the DMC B-boy Foundations video .


Any footwork pattern with six steps can be considered a variation.


  1. The spellings sixstep, six-step, 6 step, and 6-step can also be found.