Zulu Spin

Zulu spin, footwork pattern, spin in a squatting position using the hands and feet.


The Zulu spin was developed in the 1970s . The move may have been influenced by the Legendary Twins' "spin move" that they did on the floor —considered the first instance of footwork, or "floor move," in breaking . It may also be related to Lil Boy Keith's spinning top1 . It was popularized by Frosty Freeze in Flashdance, Wild Style and Style Wars .



Zulu spin done standing, without the hands touching the ground. Done by Maurizio in the mid-1990s . Multiple kingspins were done by Xak in 2006 .

No-Hand Zulu Spin

Zulu spin without the hands touching the ground.


  1. The spinning top as described by Lil Boy Keith sounds like the modern Zulu spin, while the description of Pow Wow's Zulu spin is ambiguous . The Zulu spin has also been attributed to Lil Boy Keith by others .