Airbaby by Ken Swift .

Airbaby, or airbaby freeze, freeze, position supported by the arms with the knee resting on the elbow on the same side.


The airbaby was developed by Ken Swift . It arose from his concept of a "vertical" baby freeze. It was also done by Frosty Rock in 1985 .

The airbaby resembles a yoga asana , and a one-hand airbaby was part of a routine of Soviet clown Leonid Yengibarov in 1963 .


One-hand airbaby by Kinder .
One-hand airbaby by Kinder .
Reverse airbaby by Dyzee .

Cross Airbaby

Airbaby with opposite knee resting on the elbow.

Cross Foot Airbaby

Airbaby with the foot on the side of the non-supporting arm resting between the opposite arm and knee. Done by Dirty in 2001 .

Diamond Airbaby

Airbaby with feet together and forming a diamond shape with the legs.

Elbow Airbaby

See elbow freeze.

Lotus Airbaby

Airbaby with legs in the lotus position.

Low Airbaby

Also low baby. Airbaby with the knee resting on the forearm.

One-Hand Airbaby

Also one-arm airbaby. Airbaby supported by one arm.

Reverse Airbaby

See air step.