Chair by Mounir .

Chair, or chair freeze, freeze, position supported by one leg, one arm, and the head, with the elbow of the supporting arm stabbed into the side of the waist or lower back.


The chair was developed by Robbie Rob around 1976 . The original chair freeze was likely supported by both arms, as this is the style of chair done by Spy and Lil Boy Keith . It has been described as a "modified baby freeze" .


The freedom of motion afforded to the non-supporting arm and leg allow for considerable variation.

High chair by Kate .
High chair by Kate .
Straight-leg chair by Mr. Freeze .
Two-hand chair by Spy .

Elbow Chair

See elbow freeze.

High Chair

See bridge.

Straight-Leg Chair

Chair freeze with one or both legs straight and angled forward.

Two-Hand Chair

Chair freeze supported by both arms.

Two-Leg Chair

Chair freeze supported by both legs.


  1. There are several clips of Ken Swift performing this move in the early 1980s, including the 1981 documentary Breaking and his appearance on The David Letterman Show in 1983.