Shoulder Freeze
Shoulder freeze by Rokafella .

Shoulder freeze, freeze, position supported by the shoulder.


Take One can be seen doing a shoulder freeze in 1982 .


Bicycle freeze by K-WON138 .
Bicycle freeze by K-WON138 .
Cheststand by Jibaku .

Bicycle Freeze

Also shoulder chair. Shoulder freeze with the hand on the side of the supporting shoulder stabbed into the side of the waist or lower back, as in an elbow chair, such that the tricep is on the ground. The name is derived from how breakers used to move their feet as if pedaling a bicycle in this freeze, sometimes spinning .


Shoulder freeze on the front of the shoulders and chest. Done by Kujo in 1995 .

One-Arm Shoulder Freeze

Also shoulder freeze. Shoulder freeze supported by only one arm.

Shoulder Baby

Shoulder freeze with one leg resting on the elbow.

Star Freeze

Shoulder freeze with the limbs straight, as in a star.