Suicide by Frosty Freeze .

Suicide, class of moves that look crazy, dangerous, or painful. Suicides usually involve leaving the ground then landing on a part of the body other than the hands or feet.


The first moves that could be considered suicides were developed by the Zulus in the 1970s . Beaver relates, "Kusa had a famous move called the Jelly brother... he had a move called the Flop....and these moves were similar...the Jelly Roll was a flip and land on your back...the Flop was a back flip land on your stomach" . The name "suicide" initially referred specifically to Frosty Freeze's jump into the air landing on his back (also called the backbreaker, death freeze drop) .

List of Suicides

There are many more suicides than those listed here.

Front suicide by Buddha .

720 Suicide

Jump with two rotations about the body's long axis, landing on one's back. Done by Kujo in 1998 .

Airflare 1.5

See airflare.

Back Suicide

Also suicide, death freeze drop. Jump landing on one's back. Developed by Frosty Freeze by accident during an unsuccessful backflip attempt .

Coin drop

See drop.

Chest Backflip

Also flop. Backflip landing on one's chest. Developed by Poo Poo in the 1970s . Shuvan does a variation with a lot of height, while Kid Colombia does a gainer-like variation.

Front Suicide

Also jelly roll. Frontflip landing on one's back. Developed by Kusa in the 1970s . Powerful Pexter may have developed this move independently .

Knee Suicide

Also double knee drop. Done by Crumbs in 1997 .