Drop, or go down, transition from standing to the floor, especially one connecting toprock and footwork .


Drops were part of breaking and its precursors in the early 1970s. The Spade dance and rocking had drops, and Kurtis Blow recalls doing James Brown-inspired drops (e.g. the split drop) around 1972 . Drops would become prevalent at Kool Herc's parties, especially during the breaks of songs. According to Wallace Dee, "when I dropped to the floor.... dancing.......the next time I came to a Kool Herc party everybody was doing that style of dance" . Kevin, of the Legendary Twins, elaborates, "Wallace Dee had a move called the slingshot, which was a basic drop to the floor except he came up like he was shooting a slingshot" . Sasa describes some of his drops (which he calls "floormoves"), "I would bend up into a pretzel...like on the floor, like a pretzel.. I come up spinning, you know?! Then I would roll into a ball, come up with a spin.So basically I got a bunch of little moves on the floor. I ended them with a spin, came up and then I started dancing" . Drops like Clark Kent's back drop would later expand into footwork . Prior to this, dancers would spring or spin up immediately after a drop.

Breakers often use a variety of drops. Fever One advises,

"you should have as many different drops as possible with different rhythms so you won't be stuck running the same move all of the time. Without a good drop, you'll lose the rhythm of the dance when you transition to the ground from your tops."

List of Drops

All drops start from a standing position.

Back Drop

Also drop. Crouch while leaning back, caught on one or both arms.

Bellyroll Drop

Drop involving a roll over the front of the torso. A bellyroll drop initiated by a back sweep is sometimes called a Korean sweep.

Blender Drop

Walkthrough that transitions into a blender.

Coin Drop

See neck move.


Also spin down. Crouch while spinning.

Knee Drop

Also pin drop, Colt 45. A back knee hook, falling forward onto the hooking foot and knee.

Split Drop

Drop into a jazz split.

Sweep Drop

Crouch onto one leg, accompanied by a sweep with the other, supported by one or both arms. A sweep drop ending in an ankle hook is sometimes called a hook drop. A sweep drop with a back sweep is a back sweep drop or kickspin. Storm says the kickspin comes from capoeira .

Walk Through

Also walk in. Crouch while leaning forward, caught on one or both arms, followed by a step forward between the arms and opposite leg.