Knee hook by Karima .

Hook, or wrap, move where a leg or arm wraps around another part of the body.


Hooks were well-established in breaking by the early 1980s. Arm hooks, while a component of the spider, may have been introduced into footwork only in the mid-1980s with Mr. Wiggles' "spiderman footwork" . Hooks and sweeps were further developed in Europe in the 1980s and 1990s (e.g. by members of Aktuel Force, Battle Squad, and Throwdown Rockers) . According to Storm, Battle Squad would combine hooks, where the body becomes small, with bigger steps in a style called "hook & sling" (Haken und Ă–sen) .

List of Hooks

Hook by Swift Rock .
Hook by Swift Rock .
Arm hook by Kazuki Rock .
Head hook by Flex .
Leg wrap pike by Aranha .

Ankle Hook

Also hook. Hook with one leg around the ankle of the other.

Arm Hook

Also arm wrap, half spider. Hook with one leg around the arm on the same side, where the hooking leg's knee points outward. A hook around the opposite arm is a cross arm hook. A hook where the hooking leg's knee points inward is a reverse arm hook.

Back Knee Hook

Also inside hook, hook under. Hook with one foot around the back of the opposite leg's knee.

Head Hook

Also leg behind head. Hook with the leg around the back of the neck.

Knee Hook

Hook with one leg over of the other leg's knee.

Leg Hook

Also leg wrap. Wrap with one arm around a leg.