Handstand by Shie-chan .

Handstand, freeze, position supported by only the arms with the entire body upside down.


The handstand significantly predates breaking. A related move is the press.


Handstand variations are sometimes referred to as air freezes.

Flag by Coty .
Flag by Coty .
Hollowback by junior .
Nike by Pelezinho .

Hollowback Freeze

Also hollowback. Handstand with back arched and legs extending backward.


Also pike. Hollowback with legs piked.

Side Invert

Invert with the waist rotated to one side.


One-hand handstands are also called air freezes. While the one-hand handstand position has been part of the 1990 since the 1970s, the idea to hold it in a freeze seems to have arisen much later.

Flag Freeze

Also flag. One-hand handstand with legs leaning to the side of the supporting arm.

L Kick

One-hand handstand with legs in an "L" shape. Similar to the aú batido from capoeira. Done by Swift Rock in 1989 .


Also Air Jordan. One-hand handstand with legs pointed upward in a V shape. Often, the leg on the side of the supporting arm is bent. Named for its resemblance to either the Nike "Swoosh" or Air Jordan/"Jumpman" logo. Developed by Easy Rock .

The Nike and L Kick are similar.

One-Hand Pike

Also pike. Invert with one hand.