1990s by Cico .

1990 (nineteen-ninety), or 90 (ninety), handspin, power move, a spinning one-handed handstand.


The 1990 was developed by Trac 2 around 1978 or 1979 . The move may have been influenced by the one-hand spins done in gymnastics (e.g. as a pommel horse dismount) or the handstand pirouette. Lil Lep and Crazy Legs did 1990s in 1982 , and by 1984 breakers doing 1990s included Lil Alex, Alien Ness, Orko, and members of the Dynamic Breakers . Beat Street features a 1990 by b-boy Tiny . A spin clockwise on the right hand (or counterclockwise on the left) is the standard 1990, while the opposite direction can be considered a variation.

The 1990 was initially called the handspin. The name "1990" was invented by Ken Swift around 1980 for a separate move, alluding to the move's futuristic appearance. Ken Swift's 1990 resembles a combo that goes from a handstand on the back of one wrist, onto the elbow, into a backspin, into a freeze1. The handspin was referred to as the 1990 as early as the fall of 1984 .

Early transitions into the 1990 included from power start, six step, and swipe. 1990s usually ended in a return to the standing position or a back freeze. Later, as power combos advanced, transitions like flare-1990, headspin-1990, backspin-1990, and 1990-hollowback were developed. Storm recounts that the 1990 and headspin were in "fashion" from 1988 until 1993 . The advances of stacking and air power in the late 1990s (decade) paralleled increased popularity of the move, and was followed by a proliferation of variations.

Multiple consecutive 1990s are now commonly performed, with a record of 27 set by Cico on August 10, 2000 . Methods have been developed to spin more easily, such as contacting the ground with only the lower part of one's palm, or wearing a glove.


Many one-hand handstand variations have a corresponding 1990 variation.

Drilled 2000s by Wing .
Drilled 2000s by Wing .
Combo with a Darkness 90 by Darkness .
Combo with drilled 1990s by Blue .


1990 with one hand placed on top of the other. 2000s can create the illusion of a 1990 being done on two hands, although in practice one hand generally grabs the opposite wrist. Pronounced "two thousand."

Darkness 1990

Deadman 1990 starting from lying on one's stomach. The entire body is lifted by one arm.

Deadman 1990

1990 on the same hand that initially contacts the ground, without the other hand touching the ground. The momentary handstand in the standard 1990 is skipped. The deadman 1990 is usually done in the reverse direction, so it is sometimes called the "reverse 1990."

Drilled 1990

1990 with legs together and pointed straight up.

Fist 1990

1990 on one's fist.


Also Rivers 1990. 1990 in a flag position.

Flag 2000

Also Rivers 2000. Flagspin with one hand on top of the other, as in a 2000.

Nike 1990

1990 in a nike position.

Pike 1990

1990 in a pike position. Done by Seth in 1998 .

Reverse 1990

1990 spinning counterclockwise on the right hand, or clockwise on the left.

Traveling 1990

1990 followed by another on the opposite arm, bearing resemblance to a handstand pirouette. Developed by Awesome Paul .

Wrist 1990

1990 on one's wrist.

Wrist-drag 1990

1990 while dragging the wrist of the non-supporting arm on the ground.


  1. There are several clips of Ken Swift performing this move in the early 1980s, including the 1981 documentary Breaking and his appearance on The David Letterman Show in 1983.