Floats by Buck 4 .

Floats, power move, turns about the vertical axis supported only by the arms.


Floats were developed by P. Man in 1979 . Powerful Pexter developed the faster, modern version of floats in 1981 . Buck 4, known as the "turtle master" , learned floats from Powerful Pexter in 1982 and further developed and popularized the move.

The original floats, also called turtles, resemble a rapidly turning turtle freeze, where the body's weight is shifted from arm to arm. Turtles have been performed in Northern Nigerian since no later than 1956 , though there is no evidence of direct influence on breaking. Floats may have been influenced by gymnastics skills such as Russian Wendeswings, which resemble deadman floats.

Walks are a class of floats developed by Handyman in the early 1980s . The technique for doing walks is "quite different from the standard technique, where you kind of hop in place" , as it relies on different, specific hand placement, and demands a great deal of strength.


Float variations can turn in a circle or travel1, among other possible movements.

Boomerangs by Aduh .
Boomerangs by Aduh .
UFOs by Lil Alex .
Walks (merry-go-rounds) by Handyman .

Baby Floats

Also baby spins, baby turtles. Floats with one leg on the opposite elbow, as in a baby freeze.


Floats in an inside press position.

Deadman Floats

Or deadmans, dead mans. Floats with straight legs.

Handstand Pirouette

A handstand walk in a circle. It has a long history as a skill in gymnastics, and was also performed in a dance context by acrobatic dancer Miriam LaVelle in the 1940s .


Floats in an L-sit position.


Also floats. Floats where the elbows stab into the abdomen, as in a turtle.

UFO Floats

Also UFOs, air turtles. Floats with straight arms and knees on the outsides of the arms. Done by Lil Alex and California b-boys in 1984 .


Names courtesy of Kujo .

Deadman Walks

Also deadmans, dead mans, hangmans. Walks with legs straight and together.


Also yodas, Buddha spins. Walks in a tuck planche position.

Guitar Heros

Gorillas with one leg extended off to the side.


Walks with legs straight and in a V shape.


Walks where the body is low to the ground and between the elbows.

Side Walks

Walks with legs to one side. Legs can be bent, or straightened such that the move resembles a piked deadman. Called reverse side walks when done in the direction where the legs trail the body.

Turtle Walks

Also turtles. Walks where the elbows stab into the abdomen, as in a turtle.

UFO Walks

Also UFOs, air turtles, monkey walks. Walks with knees on the outsides of the arms.


  1. They can be classified as "circular" and "linear" floats, respectively.