Flares by Beebish .

Flare, or Thomas flair, Thomas, power move in which the legs are swung around the body in a circle, supported only by the arms.


The flare entered breaking in the mid-to-late 1970s. Early (possibly the first) flares in breaking were done by Trac 2 . The flare was inspired by a skill in gymnastics called the Thomas flair1, done by Kurt Thomas on the pommel horse in 19752 and on the floor no later than 1978 . The Thomas flair evolved from the circle, developed by gymnast Emil Hafner in 1868 . Flares were widespread by 1984 , while Storm recounts that they were in "fashion" around 1985 .


Chair Flare

Flare that passes through an air chair as the legs swing from back to front.


Also double leg circle, virgin flare. Flare with legs straight and together.

Elbow Flare

Also forearm flare. Flare on the forearms.

King Flare

Also hopping flare. Flare with a rotating hop.

New York Flare

Flare from a standing position, initiated with a high kick towards the back.

Pike Flare

Also tombstone flare. Flare in a pike position.

Switch Flare

Also Spy-D swing. Flares that stop in the planche position, then reverse direction.


  1. The spelling seems to be intentionally different. Similarly, the airflare is usually spelled "air flair" in gymnastics writing .
  2. The creator of the Thomas flair is debated. For example, Philip Delesalle, Ted Marcy, and Lloyd Larson have been credited for the move .