B-girl Queen Mary airflares
Airflares by Queen Mary .

Airflare, or air twist, power move, a rotating hop from a handstand, with the torso angled away from vertical.


The airflare was developed by Paulo around 19891 . The move may have been influenced by a move done by Icey Ice in the early 1980s called the air move, resembling a half airtrack into ninja freeze (e.g. ). During the early 1990s, the move was done mainly in Europe, where it was called the air twist (e.g. ). Inspired by videos from Europe, members of Soul Control began integrating the airflare into combos in late 1995 . Pablo Flores developed continuous airflares in 19982, and can be seen doing them at Freestyle Session 3 in November 1998 . Benny Kimoto and Tuff Kid also developed and helped popularize the airflare around this time. The airflare continued to be developed in the late 1990s and early 2000s primarily in California, France, South Korea, South Africa, and Texas. Shie-chan became the first b-girl with airflares in 2002 .


B-boy Omar elbowtip airflares
Elbowtip Airflares by Omar .
Elbowtip Airflares by Omar .
Combo with elbowtracks by Narumi .
Walkovers by Riaan .


Also chair airflare. Airflare starting from an airchair.

Airflare 1.5

Also airflare bomb. Airflare with a 540° rotation, landing on one's back. Developed by NightCrawler in 1999 .


Also low airflare, star track, no-leg swipe. Airflare with the body nearly horizontal. Originally, Kujo and Ivan distinguished airtracks from airflares by specifying that airtracks rotate about only a single axis (i.e. the move is thrown and caught in a similar position) .

Elbowtip Airflare

Also elbow airflare. Airflare on the tips of the elbows. Done by Omar in 2003 .


Airflare on the forearms.

Elbow-to-Hand Airflare

Also flash airflare. Airflare starting on the elbow and caught on the hand of the opposite arm.

Elbow Up Airflare

One-hand airflare starting on the elbow and caught on the hand of the same arm.

Hopping Airflare

Airflare with hops from hand to hand, omitting the momentary handstand in the standard airflare. Developed by Ruen, and independently by Blond by 2000

Lotus Airflare

Airflare with legs in the lotus position.

Munch Airflare

Also baby airflare. Airflare with legs tucked into the chest and kicked out during the hop, as in a munchmill.

One-Hand Airflare

Also one-arm airflare. Airflare caught on the throwing hand.

One Elbow Airflare

One Hand Airflare on the elbow.

Tombstone Airflare

Also pike airflare. Airflare with legs piked, as in a tombstone.

Two-Hand Airflare

Airflare where the arms leave and return to the ground simultaneously.


Also no-fly airflare. Airflare where at least one hand always remains on the ground. Developed by Strech and Rubber in 2001 , then popularized by Riaan and Brahim.


  1. A member of Sidewalk Breakers may have developed the airflare around 1984 .
  2. It is possible Logo did continuous airflares in 1997 .