Elbowspins by Physicx .

Elbowspin, or elbow 90, forearmspin, power move, a spinning, one-arm elbow freeze.


Spinner, Lil Alex, Buddha, and Lil Cesar did elbowspins in the mid-1980s . A spin clockwise on the right arm (or counterclockwise on the left) is the standard elbowspin, while the opposite direction can be considered a variation.


Many elbow freeze variations have a corresponding elbowspin variation.

Elbowglide by Real Action .
Elbowglide by Real Action .
Head elbowspin by Dora .
Forearm airchair spin by Wildchild .

Double Elbowspin

Also hurricane. A spinning forearm stand.

Drilled Elbowspin

Elbowspin with one's legs together and pointed straight up.


Spin supported by only the elbow resembling a handglide with the hand of the supporting arm stabbed into the abdomen, as in an elbowglide freeze. Done by Real Action in 1992 .

Elbow Chair Spin

Also iron elbow, Uzee spin. Elbowglide in an elbow airchair or elbow sidechair position. Developed by Smoke in 1994 . Around the same time, a similar elbowspin was done by Kid Freeze . The iron elbow may have evolved from stars . The Uzee spin was developed by Uzee Rock in the mid-2000s, and evolved from the elbow chair .

The precise definitions of the "iron elbow" and "Uzee spin" are unclear. Possible defining differences are the form, number of spins, and transitions into the moves .

Elbow Tip Spin

Elbowspin on the tip of the elbow, without the support of the forearm. Done by Spinner in 1984 .

Forearm Airbaby Spin

Elbowspin in a forearm airbaby position.

Forearm Airchair Spin

Elbowspin in a forearm airchair position. Done by Phoenix in 2004 .

Head Elbowspin

Elbowspin with the head on the supporting arm. Done by Lil Cesar in 1984 .

Reverse Elbowspin

Elbowspin spinning counterclockwise on the right arm, or clockwise on the left.