Handglide by Jury .

Handglide, power move, a spinning, one-handed turtle freeze.


The handglide was developed by Weebles . The Rock Steady Crew can be seen doing handglides in 1981 .


Variations include all spins on the hands, with the body lower to the ground than in a 1990.

Airstep spin by Hong 10 .
Airstep spin by Hong 10 .
Gremlins by Zealot .
Sideglide by Vero .

Airbaby Spin

Handglide in an airbaby position.

Airchair Spin

Handglide in an airchair position.

Airstep Spin

Also reverse airbaby spin. Handglide in an airstep position.


Also air glide. Spinning one-hand tuck planche, resembling the Kher in gymnastics. Done by Emilio in 1991 .

Inside Baby Spin

Also side baby spin. Handglide in an inside baby position. Done by Robin in 2001 .


Also UFO (cf. UFO floats). Handglide with two hands and the arms straight, such that there is no stab. Named for its transition from a handglide where the body is lifted, in analogy with an elevator. Done by Paulo Nunes in 1989 .


Handglide on one's fist. Done by Glidemaster in 1983 .

One-Hand Elevator

Elevator supported by only one arm.

Reverse Handglide

Handglide spinning counterclockwise on the right hand, or clockwise on the left.

Sidechair Spin

Also sideglide. Handglide in a sidechair position. Done by Alien Ness in 1984 .