Baby by Hanifa Queen .

Baby, or baby freeze, freeze, position supported by the side of the head and both arms, with one elbow stabbed into the side of the waist.


The baby was developed by Spy in the 1970s . Doze recalls seeing the baby freeze in 1975 . It is mentioned in the first news article on breaking, published in 1981 .


Lift baby by Roxrite .
Lift baby by Roxrite .
One-hand reverse baby by Cheerito .
Hook baby by Robin .
One-hand thigh freeze by Takallo .

Elbow Baby

See elbow freeze.

Hook Baby

Baby with one leg hooked around the non-stabbing arm.

Inside Baby

Also side baby, thigh freeze. Baby where the elbow instead stabs the upper thigh. Resembles a sidechair.

Lift Baby

Baby with head lifted off the ground.

Open Baby

Baby with neither leg resting on the elbow. Similar to the queda de rins from capoeira .

Reversed Baby

Also reverse baby, switch baby, baby. Baby with opposite leg resting on the elbow of the non-stabbing arm.

Shoulder Baby

See shoulder freeze.