Halos by ABgirl .

Halo, power move, a roll around the head starting and ending in a baby-like position.


The halo was developed by Icey Ice in 1983 . The name is derived from how the part of the head rolled around resembles a halo , and was in use by 1985 . Other names for the halo were "track" and "airtrack." A rotation around the head clockwise stabbing with the right hand (or counterclockwise stabbing with the left) is the standard halo, while the opposite direction can be considered a variation.


Double Halo

Halo with two rotations between the hands touching the ground. The triple halo, quadruple halo, etc. are similarly defined. Lil Cesar and Orko did quadruple and quintuple halos with a drilled technique .

Drilled Halo

Also straight-leg halo, deadman halo. Halo with legs together and straight.

Inside Halo

Also reverse halo. Halo with the rotation around the head clockwise stabbing with the left hand, or counterclockwise stabbing with the right.

Munch Halo

Halo with legs tucked into the chest and kicked out during the rotation, as in a munchmill.

One-Hand Halo

Halo where only one hand touches the ground. Done by Lil Alex in 1984 .

Shoulder Halo

Halo starting and ending on one shoulder, where the hands do not touch the ground.