Halo Freeze
Headstand by Tata .

Headstand, freeze, position supported by the top of the head and both arms.


The headstand may be assumed to have entered breaking in the mid-1970s, since early headspins were often executed from a headstand. Lil Alex did a head hollowback (specifically a one-elbow head hollowback) in 1984 . In the 1990s, Orb developed numerous headstand combos .


Head hollow by Jeff .
Head hollow by Jeff .
Head invert by Hong 10 .
Forearm head hollow by Ayumi .
One-hand pretzel by Movie One .

Forearm Headstand

Headstand supported by the forearms.

Head Bridge

Bridge supported by the head instead of the arms.

Head Hollowback

Also head hollow. Headstand with arms and legs extending behind the head, as in a hollowback.

Head Invert

Head hollowback with legs piked, as in an invert. Sometimes considered a Hong 10 freeze.

No-Hand Headstand

Also headstand. Headstand on only the head.

Forearm Head Hollowback

Also elbow head hollowback. Head hollowback supported by one or both forearms.

One-Hand Headstand

Headstand supported by only one arm.

Pike Headstand

Headstand with legs piked.


Head hollowback with one foot in front of the elbow on the same side. Developed by Crumbs around 2000 .


Headstand with knees on the elbows.

Wrist Headstand

Headstand supported by the backs of the wrists.