Halo Freeze
Halo freeze by Hong 10 .

Halo freeze, or Hong 10 freeze, freeze, position supported by the back of the head and both arms, with one elbow stabbed into the lower back.


While the halo freeze position has been part of the halo and headglide since the early 1980s, the idea to hold it in a freeze seems to have arisen much later. It was popularized in the late 1990s by breakers including Crumbs and E.T. . Around 2002, halo freeze transitions and variations were advanced by Hong 10, leading to the freeze's alternate name .


Head Invert

See headstand.

Lift Halo Freeze

Halo freeze with head lifted off the ground. Can be considered an airchair variation.

One-Hand Halo Freeze

Halo freeze with the unstabbed arm lifted off the ground.