Knee Rock
Knee swipes by Victor .

Knee rock, footwork with the one or both knees on the ground.


Knee rock originally referred to dropping the knees in footwork patterns—a kind of kneewalk. Wizard Wiz incorporated "knee rocking" into his footwork in the late 1970s, and others such as Spy and Trac 2 may have as well . The Rock Steady Crew can be seen doing this knee rock in the early 1980s . Knee swipes were popular in Europe in the 1980s and 1990s . Storm's Footwork Fundamentals describes several knee rocks in the chapter "No Hand Footwork" .

List of Knee Rocks


Slide on one or both knees.


Spin on one or both knees.

Knee Swipe

A hop onto the knees (as in a crawl) then back onto the feet, resembling a baby swipe. A rotating knee swipe resembles a three step kneewalk. Two knee swipes that rotate 360° is called the octopus.


Footwork steps (e.g. six step, scramble) where the knees occasionally contact the ground, often in a regular pattern.

No Hand Sweep

Front sweep without support from the arms, ending on the knees.