Crickets by San Andrea .

Cricket, or hopping handglide, power move, a rotating hop from a turtle or handglide position.


The cricket was developed by Nano . The move may have been influenced by turtles, or Lenny Len's "turtle into a hop" . Alien Ness developed the one-hand version in 1984 . A turn clockwise on the right hand (or counterclockwise on the left) is the standard cricket, while the opposite direction can be considered a variation.


Cricket variations can turn in a circle or move laterally, among other possibilities.

Jackhammers by H .


See critical.


Cricket where the stabbing arm switches with each hop. Darkhammers often do not rotate.

Elbow Strike Cricket

Cricket where the stabbing arm's elbow strikes the ground with each hop.


Cricket where the non-stabbing arm doesn't touch the ground. Developed by Alien Ness in 1984 .

Reverse Cricket

Cricket turning counterclockwise on the right hand, or clockwise on the left.

Stationary Cricket

Also handglide hops, turtle hops. Cricket that does not rotate.

Straight-Leg Cricket

Cricket with legs straight.

Two-Hand Jackhammer

Cricket where both arms push and leave the ground simultaneously.